Burial and Cremation Services

We provide different funeral services, including burials and cremations.

Burial Services

In a burial, your loved one will be buried or entombed, and this can be done in different ways based on your individual requirements and preferences.

Immediate burial is where the burial happens without a gathering or any public service.

In contrast, a wake or a visitation, or a viewing, as it is differently called, is where friends and loved ones gather to say goodbye and express support to the bereaved.

This can happen at a funeral home, your home, or at a church, and it can also include a memorial service. This can also be personalized to reflect your loved one's personality.

Graveside services are the same but done at the cemetery, and via this, the family and friends get a chance to say a last goodbye at the burial ground.

Bearers With White Coffin on the Road
Funeral With Casket Carried by Coffin Bearer

Cremation Services

In case you choose a cremation, the memorial services or the wake can be held just the same way as a burial service. This is in contrast to the usual understanding of cremation, as there’s a misconception that there can’t be any visitation, viewing, or funeral service in case of cremation. The only difference is in the final process.

The cremated remains can then be scattered at a memorial site, an urn garden, your family's plot, or any other meaningful and significant location for the loved one.

If you wish to, you can keep some remains in an urn after scattering. This urn can either be interned or be kept with you as you wish.

You can also place the cremated remains in multiple urns, allowing other family members separated by distance to feel the comfort as well.